Sunday lunches

These began around 2007 and were set up initially to provide a meal and company for those living alone  and encouraging those who came to attend the service on that Sunday.

Several people took on the responsibility of cooking which meant they only had it around 3 times a year.  Lunches were held on the 2nd Sunday following a Morning Worship Service a more appropriate service to encourage new people to attend.

Times have changed and there are now just two people willing to cook the main course and they do this together each month on the 3rd  Sunday.  This meal is still primarily for those on their own but in recent months has also invited members of the Pebbles Dementia Cage to join them. 

An excellent opportunity for those who otherwise would spend Sundays alone, good food and fellowship for a small charge.

For further information and to book your place contact Rita Butterworth on

Monday 24th June
7:30pm -
Tuesday 25th June
10:30am -
Wednesday 26th June
9:30am -
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