St Peter's supports Mission Aviation Fellowship
by giving them the Offertory every 10 weeks during the year.
They also regularly pray for M.A.F. using their Prayer Diary.
In addition to this a Thank Offering is given at the Patronal Service,
each year which is given to some cause be it at home or abroad.

Each year St Peter's produces a Christmas Card in aid of Charity.

All Saints'  gives a set sum each year, 50% used to sponsor two children,
Walter & Enny via World Vision and 50% to a local charity of choice.


Christmas Child (Samaritan Shoe Box Appeal)
each year we support this appeal for Christmas gifts for children in need


Diocesan Appeal 
Our Harvest events support this appeal (see future events)


Rainbow Centre Folkestone
Our Harvest non perishable goods and also throughout the year we support
this local charity providing help to the homeless and those in need


Children's Society
Each year we hold Christingle's at both churches in the parish and also at 
the local school. Proceeds from these events go to support the work of the 
Children's Society.


Thursday 30th of March
9:30 am -
3:00 pm -
Saturday 1st of April
10:00 am -
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